15 octobre 2021

The control of time by CAE GROUPE

CAE GROUPE has joined forces with GORGY TIMING to offer you a complete time distribution and synchronisation solution. This complete range of Made in France clocks and time servers meets the needs of environments requiring accurate time display.

A well synchronised partnership

CAE GROUPE offers you a complete new range of products dedicated to time synchronisation. These Made in France products meet the needs of education, health, sports complexes and industry. In short, our range is aimed at all professionals working in an environment where time display is essential.


In order to offer you this adapted solution, CAE has joined forces with GORGY TIMING, a French family-owned industrial SME created in 1974. As a specialist in time display and time synchronisation for 50 years, it is the ideal partner to offer you a complete range and quality products.

The essential products for your installations 

The time distribution range offered by CAE GROUPE is made up of products that meet all environments and their needs.


Time servers: ultra-precise and secure time distribution for all your equipment

Time servers - Gorgy timing - CAE GroupeTime servers - Gorgy timing - CAE Groupe

A time server is a device capable of synchronising various types of equipment (computer systems, clocks, etc.) from a time reference so that all peripherals are at the same time (the international reference time).


These products are perfectly suited for all areas where time accuracy is crucial: rail transport, airports, defence, industry, health, or administration.


Analogue clocks: A simple and timeless aesthetic

Analogue clock - Gorgy timing - CAE GroupeAnalogue clock - Gorgy timing - CAE Groupe

The quality of our clocks with hands is a reference in terms of precision, readability and robustness in many fields. These analogue clocks are available in various specific versions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, there is a wide choice of models in different sizes and colours.


Our professional clocks all display the same time by synchronising with a master clock or time server.


Digital clocks: The solution for clarity

Digital clock - CAE Groupe - Gorgy timingDigital clock - CAE Groupe - Gorgy timing

Completing the range of time distribution, digital clocks represent a reliable and efficient product. Just like analogue clocks, digital LED clocks come in a variety of formats to ensure ease of installation in any space.


Our digital clocks are also available in waterproof models for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, we offer products with more specific uses, such as an analogue clock dedicated to sterile environments (hospitals, food industry...) or a calendar clock.


In order to discover the range and to understand the technical specificities of the products dedicated to the distribution of the time of CAE GROUPE, download our presentation leaflet: