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The operation of a food production site, although similar to other industrial sites, presents unique challenges related to hygiene and food safety. Cleanliness is crucial to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, requiring cables that are resistant to cleaning products. Mechanical and thermal constraints, particularly in cold rooms, call for polyurethane sheaths. To enhance safety in the event of fire, halogen-free sheathing is essential.

The reliability of the IT network is essential to avoid production stoppages and loss of traceability. Compared to a tertiary network, a food processing network is exposed to risks such as humidity, dust and electromagnetic interference. Watertight RJ45 IP68 connectors and polyurethane-sheathed LAN cables are the right solutions for these constraints. Optimize your infrastructure to guarantee business continuity in the demanding environment of food production.

The food processing solutions

Power and control cables

CAE GROUPE CAELIFLEX and HIFLEX flexible cables, with their PVC sheaths, are specially designed to meet the wiring needs of industrial machines and processes. Our range also includes cables with a polyurethane sheath, offering superior mechanical resistance for demanding environments. Rely on our cabling solutions to ensure the reliability and performance of your industrial equipment.

Polyurethane sheathed LAN cables: Reliability and performance guaranteed

Discover our complete range of Category 5e and Category 7 LAN cables at CAE GROUPE. Available in rigid, flexible and even extra-flexible versions for dynamic applications, these cables help ensure a reliable, trouble-free network on the production floor. Opt for the quality and performance of our LAN cables to ensure optimum connectivity in your industrial environment.

Polyurethane RJ45 cables and IP68 waterproof connectors

Ensure reliable connectivity in wet environments with our ¼-turn lockable AXINDUS RJ45 IP 68 waterproof enclosures and connectors. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these solutions secure network performance in locations such as grain silos, cold rooms, production lines, workshops exposed to moisture and dust, as well as workstations with hand tools, handheld shower and labeling machines. Ensure the reliability of your network, even in demanding environments, by choosing our products designed to withstand the potential interruptions and latencies caused by the use of cleaning products.


Les détails de l'agroalimentaire

Explore the diversity of our extensive range of power and control cables at CAE GROUPE, designed to meet your specific requirements. With our AXINDUS RJ45 waterproof connectors, LAN cables and PUR cords, you benefit from a reliable, trouble-free network. Opt for quality and performance to ensure optimum connectivity in all environments, thanks to our state-of-the-art cabling solutions.

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Cyrille Colloc Responsable industrie secteur Ouest


Cyrille has been with us for over 10 years, moving from the office to the road, to become our industrial and defense expert for the Greater West of France, finding you solutions tailored to the requirements of your environment. Over the last few years, he has worked on projects directly with the DIRISI in his sector, as well as with decision-makers on military sites and the installers and prime contractors who deploy our solutions. He has a thorough understanding of the requirements of the defense and security world.

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